Welcome to website of Fancy Soul, Saint Bernard kennel located in Latvia. It is small hobby kennel with goal of producing best quality dogs with a focus on conformation, temperament and structural soundness. We are looking for balanced and functionally correct body and type, imposing head type and correct movement and overall health with ability to use these dogs for work.

My story with Saint Bernards started in 2008, when I got my first Saint Bernard puppy called "Milfords". It was a very special dog, who made my deep interest about the breed. He was the only Saint Bernard in country, who passed exam of general obedience course with first degree. Thanks to him, I started so much study about this breed and cynology.

In 2010 I graduated  cynology courses, that gave me wider view in genetics, exterior, anatomy, selection and breeding, health, training, psychology.

In 2011 other Saint Benard "Isabella" came to me from Mexico.

For next generations of this breed, I am trying to put my knowledge and view, that I found this breed must looks like according to the breed standard and it functional use.